moving on...

to the dining area to be exact. As you may recall, I mentioned yesterday how this home has a very open floor plan. A long narrow rectangle. I also forgot to mention the beautiful dark wood floors Mr. F installed. It has made a world of difference and made this home stand out among the other's in the neighborhood. Such a good call on their part. Currently in the dining area is a beautiful dining set and hutch that his grandmother passed down to them. Mr. and Mr. F painted it all white and recovered the chairs in a lovely blue and green stripe. Now to snazz it up a bit...

This a picture of the furniture mid process and before the floors were laid. To me it looks like they are spraying the piece in the living room and the dining area is just beyond that.

Photo via the lovely home of erin

So I realize this is not white, but what I am trying to show is the bright blue on the inside. I think it would be fun and unexpected to paint the inside of the hutch a similar blue or possibly even a kelly green. This will help keep the home from becoming to serious. They are quite fun if you were curious.

I love the elegance of this light fixture. The white shades would easily play off the white table and act as pretty eye candy.

Currently they have a dark long dresser that does not fit and their bedroom and the most beautiful mirror leaning on top of it. As you walk in the door it is the first thing you see and does look very nice. To make it still stand apart, but blend more into the dining area since that is where it technically is I would simply add a few white accessories to the current silver ones. I also think the above green and silver frame would tie in the green and silver aspects of the room.

Yesterday my precious little Ellie got her first set of stitches. She fell while playing and her little teeth went straight through the skin. She was very brave and luckily we have a family friend who is a surgeon so we were able to bypass the emergency room all together. We also had a leadership party at my husband's first job last night. I thought it was a smashing success and everyone looked quite lovely. I am hoping to upload pictures of both in the next couple of days.