7 days and counting...

I am so excited that Christmas is only one week away. We head off to my parents every year after we open our own presents under our tree. We eat good food and watch our children get more spoiled by the second. One day in the far off future I hope to have Christmas at our house. Maybe it will look something like this...

Wouldn't a few of these mixed in with all my white dishes make the table look extra festive. I especially love the one's with the pinecones, but I do love the idea of mix and matching.

photo via once wed

A lovely simple centerpiece like this would be so pretty.

Every Year we make a birthday cake for Jesus so our kiddos remember the reason for the season. I think Jesus may love these cupcakes one year.

This garland would add a touch of the organic look I like so much.
While I am fretting all around I would love to wear a dress like this. A friend of mine purchased it and I must say I am quite jealous. It looks so lovely on her.