project: guest room

Currently in my lovely friend's guest room is a dresser, end table, and full size bed all in dark wood. The lines are great and have a classic feel. Their family live out of town so they want a special space for family and friends that come to visit. My friend's look is very anthropologie home. I thought I would go all out in this room and give her that feel.

I would love to see this wallpaper hanging on the wall behind the bed. I would then paint the walls that same creamy color.

Any one of these pillows would be so pretty upon a white duvet cover with blue sheets.

I could whip this fabric into lovely curtains.

They currently have a mirror over the dresser. I would like to see the frame painted yellow. A few personal items and candlesticks in that orange or green would round out the room and make it ready for guests. As a side note my friend did mention painting that furniture. It does not need it, but it would look pretty in a medium gray tone. It really would depend on the amount of extra work the hubby is willing to do.

This weekend I will be working on kitchen, bath, and office ideas. We also have a few photo shoots, so we'll be busy. I hope you have a relaxing and great weekend!