my little one's

My babies make me happy. I love the fact that I get to experience having a boy and a girl. I love how sweet they can be one moment and the next, well, not so sweet. I love seeing their personalities emerge slowly. I love how KJ follows Ellie around constantly and how Ellie tells him when he does a good job. I love how Ellie never stops giving kisses and how KJ gets overly excited when daddy comes home from work. I love how they both love to read. I love hearing Ellie pray and KJ say Amen. I love how Ellie must always carry around elephant and roo and how KJ must always have blankie. I love how excited Ellie gets when I sew her a dress, like the one above. I really do just love them both immensely.

Of course, right now they are sleeping soundly and I am not dwelling on the fighting, the whining, the demanding, or the picking.

Do you have something that your child/husband/significant other/pet does that just makes you so very happy?