Monday's real estate find

I found this house in our local real estate market. I love the outside of this house, but it did not have any of the interior photos. I decided to take it upon myself and create what I believe this house looks like or atleast what I would hope for it to.

I would imagine this to be the front foyer. I love all the light, french doors, and all those hooks.

photo via aly's beach

I love the light and airiness of this living area. The ample seating would be great for our lifestyle.

photo via mstetson design

This house would look lovely with a kitchen like this. Marble counters, a few glass front cabinets to display all my white dishes and those light fixtures are just divine.

photo via urban grace

This beautiful light fixture would be hanging somewhere in this home I am sure. Well, I hope you enjoyed my version of this home. I think I will have to do a drive by on this home now, bye!