welcome home, part 5

Today I am ending my week of home photos with my kids rooms. My daughter was so excited that her elephant and roo made the pictures!

My daughters bed is from the same set that I had growing up. I remember not loving it in college, but now I am so happy that I did not alter it in any way. The lamp is from ikea. The collage above the bed is made up of picture frames I did and other special mementos of when my daughter was a baby. The frame surrounding the letter 'E' was my grandmothers.

This chandelier has followed us from home to home. My daughter had a thing for kites so I made her some out of scrapbook paper and twine. The blue curtains are from Z. Gallerie and I thought the blue balanced out all the girly pink.

The play kitchen was last years Christmas gift from Target. She is obsessed. The banner was purchased from Anthropologie for her 3rd birthday party.

This is my son's room. I tried to keep it simple. I personally believe a boy's room should not be over decorated. The bedding and mobile are both from Pottery Barn Kids.

This dresser was my husband's before we were married. The mirror I found on the side of the road and I painted it brown. The lamp is from Target.

These three pieces are from Hobby Lobby. I purchased them during a half off sale. It is hard to tell, but the paint is a light blue/grey. It took me forever to find the right shade of blue. Right now my son has a major thing for birds, so I will be adding a bird pillow that I made very soon.