she did it again

I just received the November issue of House Beautiful and I was blown away by Ina Garten's new home. I have posted about her Manhattan home earlier and her new home amazed me even more! I love the whole Belgium inspiration. If I were to build a house I would want it just like this. To me her home oozes comfort and class. I just can't stop looking at it.

Her kitchen island is 18 ft long. I could imagine myself cooking for my family while the kiddos did their homework and my hubby worked on his laptop (I am thinking future, of course). I love the transom windows over the doors. The high beamed ceiling gives the charm of a renovated barn even though this house is new. I even like the bowl filled with limes.

So I don't really cook, but I think I could with a range like that. I love the open shelving. All the cake stands and white dishes is something we have in common.

The pure organization of all her cooking supplies on the simple wire shelving puts me at ease in an odd way.

I definitely do not think I could do my little blog from that desk, but I could write thank you notes or letters.

I know I have used the word love a lot in this post, but once again I must say I love this tub. To take a long soak while looking out into the gardens would be quite lovely. Don't you think?