making lists

Yesterday I feel as if my eyes were opened to my home's disarray. I am an organized person, I need things to be just so or I feel overwhelmed. I need order in my life, but something happened over the last month that I can not put into words. Yes, my house is still clean, but it's the hidden that became out of control. Wow, I sound pretty nutty right about now. What can I say, it is a odd part of me. I was completely inspired by a blog I just came across recently, Chez Larsson. She encompasses the idea of a clean and organized living. I am even going to borrow her cleaning list, maybe I will enjoy her flow more. I have devised a plan and made a list of what needs to get done before New Year's. I am also realistic and know it will not happen overnight with two children taking apart what I just completed. So this little blog has somewhat become my accountability. I would really love any ideas you may have too!

My To Do List

1. organize the garage (a project that I started months ago and never finished)

2. organize the pantry

3. organize the laundry room

photo via chez larsson

4. complete the process I started for the master closet

5. organize the kiddos clothes (this I do at the start of every season)

6. finish the garden project that was started for mother's day

7. stain the back patio

8. find something to do with all my sewing supplies and fabrics (the dining room is not going to work for long)

I am sure there will be more to add, but this is my preliminary list.

Number two has been marked off my list! My wonderful husband sent me out to pick up some things at the store and when I returned the house was clean and the pantry organized. I am one lucky lady. I am also the proud owner of 6 boxes of jambalaya, 8 corn bread mixes, and so much pasta I could possibly feed an army. Who knew?