i heart this house

I love to search through our local listings on a regular basis. Not that I want to move, but I just like to see what's available for the money. I have even considered going into real estate when the kiddos are in school and,of course, after the market goes back up. Who knows if that will really happen. Maybe the etsy store will take off just enough that I won't even have to consider it. Any ways, back to the topic. I found this house going for just under 1.4 million, ha! If I had that kind of money to spend on a house then I would ask to have it come furnished. It is just stunning. I would love to have a walk through, but they would so know I am a sham.

The living room looks as if it is long and skinny. The mirror to the left is gorgeous and helps widen the space. I like the two separate seat groupings and that chandelier is a looker.

I love the color of the painted kitchen cabinets, the range is wonderful, and I like how you can see straight through to the other room.

What can I say, would it not be lovely to have your own screening room? Curious George on the big screen, my children, along with all their little friends, would be in heaven.

This must be the family room. I like the painted fireplace with places to store wood. Do you see the two foot stools in the foreground? It looks like they could be two eames chairs!

That bath would do me good at the end of a very long day, especially if all those candle were lit.

An outside, screened in living area would be wonderful in the fall and spring. I can imagine it now, haha.

The pool would be put to great use all summer then the projector would be put to great use the rest of the year. Maybe even both at the same time, now wouldn't that be luxurious. This home was made for parties and huge get togethers.

This would never work with our lifestyle, but did you notice all the TV's? There is one in almost every photo! Also, if one of you reading this happen to own this home or if you happen to buy this home, I would love to be invited over for a cup of tea;)