how pretty

While out browsing I fell head over heels for these shoes. They are by steve madden. I love the ruffle detail and the light gray color.

I then came across this purse at banana republic. I saw it in gray, but could only find it in brown online. Not really in my price range, but still just as darling.
Last week at the beach I went to the outlet mall and bought a a bag that I also love, from Dooney & Bourke. I wish I had a photo of it, because I could not find the exact one online. So now you must use your imagination.

It is this bag,

but in this color.

Sorry for the different size photos, but I hope you get the idea anyway. Oh, and it does not say Dooney & Bourke all over it either. It is the perfect size and shape to carry everything I personally use, but also diapers, my kiddos lovies and extra sweaters.