Cottage Living expanded

I have a love for real estate, as I explained in a previous post, so I decided at least for now that I will dedicate Monday's to my real estate finds. I am so excited to share this one with you. Do you happen to remember this kitchen from January/February '08 Cottage Living edition?

Well, I always wonder what the rest of someone else's home looks like when I see only an intriguing small tidbit in a magazine. Living in Birmingham, the home of Cottage Living, every once in awhile I come across one of those lovely homes in the local listings. This one I will get share with you.

I have a suroom right off my living room, I am thinking about trying this furniture layout. I rather like it.

This desk chair is similar to one I found at my local Home Goods for my desk. It's rather comfy and classic I like to think. I will share my lovely new chair in a later post.

This garden is so breathtaking. I love all the green and the Adirondack chairs. Wouldn't it be nice watch the kiddos run in that yard while you lounge back with a nice cup of tea?

I hope you enjoyed touring the rest of this home as much as I did. Have a lovely week and stop back by for a visit.