welcome home

At least welcome to my home! I thought this week I would give you little glimpses into my home. I always dreamed of buying an older cottage and renovating, but my hubby does not share the same dream. This leads me to say I live in a new development, my home is only a year old and I wouldn't change a thing. My home is about 2000 square feet of mostly open space. This is perfect for us since my husband is a pastor and our house is used for entertaining a lot. I don't think I'll love it as much when the kiddos get older, but this is not our forever house anyway.

This is my entryway. I have a vanity that used to be my great grandmother's that I painted white when I was in junior high. The mirror we got for 50 dollars because it had a slight chip. The pitcher is from pottery barn. Candle sticks I found for 75% off from a shop that was going out of business. The metal basket houses all our hats, scarves, etc. The rug was a 20 dollar find from target. The picture frame I did, it will be one of the items in the etsy shop! Finally, the boots are from jcrew. One thing about new homes in this area is that they lack a lot of character. In my attempt to add some, my husband and I painted all the baseboards, crown molding, and doors mega greige by sherwin williams. I don't think I could ever convince him to do that again!

As you continue to walk in we have what we like to call the cubbies. It houses our many bags, coats, and shoes. I was going to put baskets in for the shoes, but decided in order for my kiddos to actually put their shoes away then no baskets were easiest. My little Ellie gets so frustrated because daddy still does not put his shoes in the cubbies, he always puts them by the cubbies not in. You may be wondering where we got these wonderful cubbies. Well, my hubby made them! I am so proud, he's not normally the handy man type. The old briefcase is one of the very few things my hubby brought into the marriage. I like it's old time charm.

This is the small hallway that leads off the entry way to the kids rooms and second bath. The old chair was my parents first piece of furniture. They were beyond poor, traveling all over, and found this chair on the side of the road. It was covered in paint and then they stripped it down to it's natural wood. We can't actually use it because it's starting to split down the middle, but I love it regardless. This hall also serves as our gallery. We slowly add more and rotate out the pictures. Did I also mention that my hubby does photography on the side. It's a passion we both share and one that he rocks at.