welcome home, part 2

Yesterday my sister became very ill. I would love all the prayers we could get. This little blog has become my outlet. A way to focus on something else even if it is just for a moment. So, I welcome you to my living room. This is where my husband and I snuggle up and watch movies, where people sit and chat, and where my kids use the couch as a trampoline.

I couldn't get a full shot of the couch, it is by Rowe. The couch has a slight curve to it, which works well in this room because it has to float in the middle of the room. The coffee table was my first big purchase. I bought it from a local antique dealer. The top is marble. I love the way it's aging. The lamp we got at Pier One for 70% off. The picture in the background holds a fabric mural that my husband purchased for a dollar in Africa. I found it stuffed in a box after we got married that I then framed.

I have two of these leather chairs that I found on super discount at a local home shop. I love the texture and warm color it adds to the room. The pillow I purchased at Z.Gallerie and the side table is an old type writer desk that I got at a yard sale. It's perfect for housing many of my magazines! The picture frame on top I made.

The bookshelf is one of my husband's loves. It holds many of his history books. We have quite a few bookshelves, but this one is a favorite. The bottom shelf is for some of the kids books. On top we have an antique fan and pottery I threw in college. The bright room you can see on the left is the sun room, which we refer to as the play room. More on that room later.

This is one side of our fireplace mantel. The painting was done by a very good friend as a wedding gift. It's a picture of my husband, then fiance, and I smooching as he returned from a month long missions trip to Brazil. She copied it from a photograph that someone took. The walls are painted rice grain by Sherwin Williams.

This is the other side of the mantel. You may be asking why I did not just take a full picture of the whole fireplace. The answer is simple, we have a big ole TV sitting in the middle with the biggest bunny ears you've ever seen. Yes, we do not have cable. We only have one channel that comes in well and sometimes one other! It was a lifestyle choose that we made over a year ago. At first it was hard not having Food Network and HGTV, but now I don't even think about it. As for the mantel, both pieces are Peter's Pottery out of Mississippi and my husband bought me the Willow Tree figure when I was pregnant with my little girl.