Have a great weekend, but first...

Oh, how lovely is Ina Garten's Manhattan apartment. You may know her as the Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network. I found these pics while browsing House Beautiful. I absolutely love Mrs. Garten's show, recipes, and now her home.

I absolutely love the orange drapes! If only I had a place for them. Could you not imagine sitting at that gorgeous table, flipping through your favorite magazine, while every once in awhile taking a look out of that breath taking window. Would that not be just fantastic.

In the article Mrs. Garten mentioned how she found these sofas in Belgium. Maybe one day I too will find that perfect sofa in Belgium. Well, a girl can dream can't she? I also really like how the logs in the fireplace are stacked ever so neatly. This definitely appeals to my need for things to look orderly.

The painted cabinets, the dark stone counter tops, the flowers, and that perfectly placed window just may make doing the dishes not so bad. The only thing that could possibly make this kitchen any better would to have Mrs. Garten herself giving me lessons in cooking. I know my hubby would be so very grateful!