My husband and his team did this promo for an upcoming marriage retreat. Hope you enjoy.

And We Are Off...

Hubby and are are taking our first mini-vacation sans kiddos. We have done an over nighter, but never 3 whole nights, woohoo! We actually have a wedding to shoot in Mobile, Al this Saturday, but we consider that part of the fun. We left last night and will be back on Sunday. Oh, and thank you to my dear parents who are watching the kiddos for us.

...Jungle Drum by Emiliana Torrini is a favorite in our house. Great to get a family dance party started, although I do find the video to be a bit odd, ha! Hope you enjoy...

Zooey Deschanel + Mrs. French

This may be all over TV, I really have no idea since we don't watch it, but I came across it while looking for a certain fabric and it made me smile. Thought I would share.

Traci, also known as the fabulous Mrs. French, has a blog called Bliss (just in case you haven't already heard of it already, ha!). It was one of the first blogs that I ever got hooked on. Her inspiration encouraged me to blog daily. She does the most beautiful photography and I was so excited when some of her work got picked up by the Beholder. A few of her prints are mounted on plywerk and I believe it makes an already beautiful photograph all the more lovely. Congrats to you, Mrs. French!

It's Snowing!

You heard me right, it's snowing in the South. This is little man and little lady's first big snow experience. We had tiny flurries last year, but nothing like this. We even got them up early so they wouldn't miss all the excitement. Who knows how long this will last. Some of you may be laughing at our "huge" amount, but for us this is huge! I hope to one day show the kiddos "real" snow. It's really only fitting since hubby is from Colorado and I am from Massachusetts. Here is our crazy experience...

It's Snowing! from paula on Vimeo.

Now to go make snow angels and have a snowball fight with the kiddos. Hope your weekend is as fabulous as mine!

A lovely Day

from paula on Vimeo.

My sweet husband got me a flip mino! I can not even express how excited I am. I have a feeling it will get a lot of use. This was our first time trying out.

My Hearts a Flutter

This makes me so happy. Jon Foreman is my hubby's favorite musician. Sean Watkins is from one of my favorite used to be bands, Nickle Creek. Well, they have collaborated and created Fiction Family. Needless to say this remains on repeat.

I know this girl

She is one of the most sweet, funny, and beautiful girl's I know. She was on a mission's team that hubby and I led a few years back. She actuallly stayed in a mexican orphanage for the remainder of that summer. She completely rocks! She now resides in New York and will hopefully make it big in the movie world. The commercial is kind of silly, but in a good way of course.