A T-Shirt Swap

I was so excited when Sally suggested doing a t-shirt swap with our little ones over Twitter. We actually became twitter friends before being blog friends, which I feel is so rare. She is a wonderful mother and if I could have a touch of her creativity I would be in pure bliss. I can not wait for the day when we get to meet in person, but for now building community from afar is quite wonderful. We did a simple freezer paper stencil. Sally put together a wonderful tutorial. The kiddos had a blast making them and KJ and I came up with the design. He is in superhero mode lately.

Can you believe I spaced taking an after picture. Oh well, I plan to make more of them for KJ's upcoming birthday party so I will be sure to get a photo then. You can see the gorgeous shirts Sally, J, and j made for Ellie and KJ. They LOVE them. Oh, and Sally's packaging put mine to shame. She really can do it all. Can you tell I am feeling quite inspired?