I think I need to make a quick run into Pet Smart to see Martha's line of dog goodies. I am not one for skull and bones, but the idea is brilliant for a little shirt. I would so not mind if our little pup left his toys out if they all looked as good as these.

Oh, yes he sure did find one of KJ's old pacy's and took it upon himself to make it his own. Ridiculous, I know.

The Weekend

I had the most wonderful birthday weekend. Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes. Here are a couple of snap shots from the party. More to come tomorrow with full details. My husband truly spoiled me rotten. For today I am in recoup mode and getting Ellie ready for her first day of school on Wednesday. Talk about a big week.


I arrived home last night from the most wonderful one night get away with the Mr. We ate, rested, and truly just enjoyed each others company. We documented our trip with our Fuji Instax so I thought I would share just a few. On Sunday I turn 30 and tomorrow I will be having a party with friends that I have had since college. As for today I am over on Simple Lovely sharing a few of my favorites and be warned that I am feeling a bit reflective. I so enjoy where I am in life and feel very blessed to be able to share it all with you.

Growing Tomatoes

I would absolutely adore having a raised garden bed although as of right now that would take way more energy than I have right now. My next best solution is growing a few things in pots. Yesterday the kiddos and I planted heirloom and a yellow variety of tomatoes. I got the pots from Ikea and the trellis from Home Goods. Now here's to hoping that they actually grow.

A Pick Me Up

I have been feeling a bit under the weather. I am thinking food poisoning, but alas I am still not feeling back to my old self. Well, I have been seeing peonies all over blog land lately and they happen to be one of my favorite flowers so yesterday I went out and bought a bunch. They make me happy.

Images taken with my blackberry (I was being lazy) and then uploaded using this. Thought it made my bad pics not so bad, ha!