Outfit to Room...

I thought it was that time again to do another outfit to room. It's been much too long really. I thought this little diddy looked ever so perfect for spring...

Outfit to entry way...

I rather like this little table, but...

I would add these pretty little knobs instead.

A lovely lamp of course.

Wouldn't this gorgeous arrangement make you smile every time you passed it by?
On the second little self I would add a few of my favorite design books then let this little sphere sit on top.

A mirror or three would work quite nicely, especially when they are as pretty as these.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Outfit to Room...

It seems I seem to favor Ellie, here and here, for my outfit to room series so I thought it was about time to do brother. He has style too... Well, actually he just dresses a lot like dad.

Outfit to little man's room...

{via Ikea}

A simple bed for a good night slumber.
{via Serena & Lily}

A two toned quilt.

{via CB2}

An industrial stool used as a night stand.

{via target}

I would hang this swing arm lamp directly over the center of the headboard.

{via World Market}

A kilim rug for extra interest.

{via Moomah}

A Moomah inspired gallery wall. Oh, and this is something I am currently doing in KJ's room.

Outfit to Room...

It actually snowed here this past week and we took full advantage. This is my Ellie who could have not been more excited. I liked her outfit and thought it would make a cute outfit to room...

Outfit to a bedroom...

{via Oly}

A bed that mixes ornate and casual into one.

A ruffled gray quilt.

{via Jayson Home & Garden}

Two gorgeous side tables.

{via Katie Armour}

A vintage conch dish to leave my jewelry of the day in.

{via Jayson Home & Garden}

Two stunning horn lamps.

{via flickr via The Vintage Laundry}

A chair that packs a pretty punch to sit in the corner.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Outfit to Room...

This week I was sent an outfit to make into a room. I was ecstatic with her choice and it also gave me a post for today, ha! A way more fabulous version of my uniform...

{via Anthropologie}

Outfit to home office {you know the one that also happens to share your living space}...

{via Anthropologie}

This desk with it's clean lines and rustic charm would make any space proud.

{via Pottery Barn}

A comfy yet stunning office chair.

{via Highstreet Market}

A perfect way to sort all those bills.
{via 1st Dibs}

An alabaster lamp to add some pretty.

{via Pottery barn}

A couple of mint julep cups to hold all your pencils and pens.

{via Crate and Barrel}

A few of these would make hiding and sorting paper work easy. You just have to remember to clean them out every week.

{via here, here, here, and here}

A few books to have on hand piled nicely on the desk. These appeal to all my loves.
{via Shim and Sons}

Some cute push pins would help make the bulletin board framed in gold look extra chic rather than too "officey".

Can you tell I am trying to make our new desk area in our keeping room fit in more? I think something like this would work nicely.

Outfit to Room...

It's been quite some time that I have done an outfit to room so when I came across this photo of Natalie Portman I knew it was time again to create a new room from this outfit...

{via Marie Claire}

Outfit to living room...

{via here}

The Liam sofa from Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams would make a fine center piece.

{via Plum Cushion's}

How about a couple of Schumacher classic moire pillows to add to the sofa.

{via South of the Market}

Maybe a window pane pillow to add a graphic element.

{via Pottery Barn}

A simple sisal rug would ground the room quite nicely.

{via here}

This coffee table would have to be a must. I have been fawning over it ever since seeing it in this Tracery Interiors designers home. Thanks Doug!

{via Etsy}

An original piece of art to hang over the sofa would be lovely.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Outfit to Room...

I thought to a follow up to yesterday's post I would do an outfit to room using Katie Lee. I love her style and this look does not disappoint...

In honor of her love to entertain in her home here is, outfit to dining room...

{via Maison Luxe}

This lighting fixture would be the talk of the table, well, at least for the first few minutes.

{via Maison Luxe}

Eight of these chairs would lend to an evening of relaxing by the table.

{via Jentrified via Antique on Old Plank Road}

A table to stand out among the crowd.

{via Bailey Doesn't Bark}

I always love to unwind to a cup a tea, but if you prefer coffee then that would be okay too.

Every dinner party is in need of a stunning centerpiece. I think this one should suffice.

Have a lovely Weekend.

Outfit to Room...

Oh, J.Crew how do I love thee...

I think you would make for a lovely keeping room...

{via Oly}

A spot to place my tea...

{via Pieces}

Every room needs a focal point...

{via Target}

A cashmere throw would make a stunning statement on the back of the sofa or thrown over your shoulders...

{via Pieces}

This piece of art to toughen all up a bit...

{via here}

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Outfit to Room...

I rather enjoy my daughters style. She even borrowed the hat and glasses from brother. I may need to start using her styling tips to achieve this effortless "boyfriend" look.

Outfit to dining area...

{via Anthropologie}

Six of these gorgeous chairs...

to sit around this table.

{via pieces}

A unique pendant light....

I would love a few flower arrangements lining the table...

{via Dwell}

while sitting a top this runner.

{via Etsy}

We could eat off these...

{via SugarBoo Designs}

Simply because she is my sunshine.

Outfit to Room... My Birthday Addition

Well, technically it's not my birthday till tomorrow, but since I don't blog on weekends then today will just have to suffice. This will be my last year to be in my "20's". I actually am excited to hit the the big 3-0 next year, but don't worry, I will be sure to enjoy my final year in my 20's to the fullest.

Birthday outfit to bath...

{via Beach Dwelling}

If I must have a shower curtain then this one would be lovely.

{via Anthropologie}

I would love to see these knobs outfit a simple light gray sink cabinet with a white marble top.

{via Pottery Barn}

This mirror would hang vertically over the sink of course.

I would love to see white walls with this hydrangea color paint on the ceiling. This one has gray undertones which keeps it from being too over the top girly.

{via here}

Oh how I love this light fixture.

{via here}

Every person should have their very own bath towel hook. These one's would work just fine lined up along the wall.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. We have a wedding to shoot tomorrow. I wonder if the bride would mind if I put my birthday candles on her cake, just a thought...

Outfit to Room... Emerson Made

Is it possible to be enamored with someone you don't even know? Emerson really is quite precious and has serious style in my book. She makes flowers from hand-dyed cut linen, simply gorgeous. I not only love this outfit (my winter uniform plus a fabulous flower), but she's bare foot in a garden to boot. My kind of gal.

Outfit to living room...

{via Restoration Hardware}

A sofa to lounge in...

{via Pottery Barn}

I secretly want this but alas it's a bit out of my price range...
{via Anthropologie}

Every room needs a pretty accent chair...

{via Sundance}

Such a feminine chair needs a side table like this to roughen her up a bit...

{via Pieces}

A cashmere throw for a chilly night...

{via Revival Home and Garden}

Can a person ever really have too many lamps?

How about a lovely piece of art shot by my husband to hang behind the sofa.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Oh, and next week kicks off my birthday month so I have a few lovely surprises coming your way. Tutorials, DIY's, and giveaways... I so can't wait!

Outfit to Room...

Built by Wendy is having a sale. How I would love to own one of their pieces. I thought this one would make a lovely outfit to room...

Outfit to dining area in this kitchen...

{via Better Homes and Gardens}

I would love to see a dining area right in the middle of this gorgeous kitchen...

{via pottery barn}

This stunning farm house table would work as a place to eat or extra cooking space.

{via Wisteria}

Four of these chairs would make me quite happy.

A couple of pretty candles.

{via Jamie Oliver}

Real napkins are always a must.

{via Stonewall Kitchen}

I am still in awe of these glasses since using then here.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, my hubby gets back late Monday, woohoo!

Outfit to Room...

Every week the beautiful lady from Through the Looking Glass posts an amazing outfit of her own. Last week her outfit caught my eye and I thought it would make a fabulous outfit to room...

Outfit to dining nook...

I would love to see this Josef Frank fabric made into some dramatic curtains.

{via Anthropologie}

This linen sofette can sit around this...

{via DWR}

fabulous table.

{via Pottery Barn}

A couple of white Queen Anne chairs to round out the seating.

{via Twinkle Living}

A few of these pillows for the sofette.

{via ebay}

A vintage red vase to fill with flowers every week.

Outfit to Room...

I have two dear friends that's home I have been working on for quite some time. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel finally. She and I thought it would be fun to do an outfit to room from a photo shoot they did with my husband and turn it into the last room that still needs some work. Here are my absolutely stunning friends...

Here's their outfit to office...

Currently there is real wood paneling that they are not a fan of so we are going to paint it out in Sherwin Williams Rare Gray. In the room it reads with a slight green undertone in case you were curious.

This is the desk and storage cabinet that we are going with from Nadu for the local crowd.

{via here}

They have a slipper chair that needs to be recovered. I think this would do nicely.

{via West Elm}

A tree stump side table for next to the chair.

A gallery wall for the large blank wall would be a nice touch. I like the idea of adding in some raw elements.

{via ebay}

A directors chair for the desk. Easy enough to fold away when the room becomes a spot to work out.

{via Simple Song}

Every lovely office needs fabulous stationary. These would make a statement.

Outfit to Room...

I would love to be wearing this outfit today. It came way from Jackie of Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle who's blog is quite full of yummy eye candy.

{via Real Simple}

Outfit to reading nook...

{via Cisco Brothers}

It all starts with a stunning, but still comfortable chair.

{via Pottery Barn}

Every reading nook needs a good lamp to read by.

{via West Elm}

Although I am not sure if I could use the real thing, it would look quite lovely in this room.

{via Pottery Barn}

A side table for a cup of tea.

{via Etsy}

The cup to enjoy the tea.

Don't forget you too can send in an outfit for this outfit to room series to twoellie@gmail.com

Have a lovely weekend!

Outfit to Room...

This fabulous photo came from Joy over at, the somewhat new blog, August Love. I just adore this whole look and it makes it even more fabulous that it's on such a little lady. Such a doll.

Outfit to entry hall...

{via here}

Of course it should all start with a red front door.

{via Pieces}

An amazing dresser to put your keys and mail, but also a great place for some extra storage.

{via Velocity}

Two of these to hang over either end of the dresser.

{via here}

This book would sit atop the dresser...

{via cb2}

along with these two fu dog bookends.

{via Rodney Smith}

Wouldn't it be lovely to have a piece of art from Rodney Smith for over the dresser.
{via Madeline Weinrib Atelier}

Every entry hall needs an attention grabbing rug and this one would do just that.

Outfit to Room...Miss Aimee from Mostly Mod

So...I am so glad to be here today on Paula's fun Outfit to Room & of course I just had to have fun with it. So here is my outfit(image via the sartorialist...

Here is the kitchen...

across the other side of the kitchen would be a sitting area with this love seat...

and this rustic coffee table...

and two of these chairs...

and these curtains...

two of these lamps would hang from the wall...

these old paddles would be leaning against the wall...

these wood side tables would be in between the two chairs...

& this jade plant would sit in the middle of the coffee table...

That was so fun! Thanks Paula.

Outfit to Room...

I could not be more excited to do this outfit to room. It came way of Emily from Wide Open Spaces. I swear she and I have been separated at birth. Anyhoo, her sister in law just moved into a new home and wants to re do her bedroom. This outfit somewhat represents what she loves...

{via Micheal Stars}

Outfit to Bedroom...

{via ebay}

It all begins with a unique Kilim rug.

{via DWR}

A stunning bed in a light maple.

{via here}

Dark and textured bedding.

{via Ikea}

Two of these placed side by side would make for a lovely dresser.

{via Tazi}

A pouf or two would make quite a statement.

{via Etsy}

Some lovely art framed and matted of course.

{via Pottery Barn}

Some fun yellow drapes to keep it all from becoming too serious.

A paired down version of Bohemian Chic. Keeping it neutral, but all the while keeping the textures rich. I would also love to see a light gray wall, this pendant light, and this mirror for over the dressers. Okay, maybe not that exact mirror it costs a lovely fortune. Of course the drapes and art can be changed out to fit one's taste. I just so happen to be on a yellow and bird kick at the moment. And yes, I got my inspiration from an old Domino magazine, oh how I wish it were still around.

Outfit to Room...

I have a crush...her name is Keri Russell. Okay maybe I shouldn't call it a crush, but she is stunning and I love earth mama vibe she carries.

{via InStyle mag Jan 09}

Outfit to bachelor living room... (although I would live here too)

{via Sundance}

A place to sit.

{via Restoration Hardware}

A place to throw his feet up.

{via Sundance}

This bachelor really likes to read.

{via Velocity}

Fabulous lighting is always needed.

Simply because it reminds him of his first car and how far he has come.

Have a lovely weekend!

Outfit to Room...

This absolutely delightful outfit came way of the lovely lady over at Absolutely Not Martha.

{image via Philip Newton}

This outfit as a bedroom...

I have been swooning over this piece from Knack. Quite stunning really.

{via Serena & Lily}

A coat of pool blue to adorn the walls.

{via here.}

A pretty headboard.

{via West Elm}

A parachute duvet would add a sweet touch.

{via Pieces}

A stunning and unique pair of lamps from my favorite shop.

{via Anthropologie}

A pillow for the bed.

This room has an over all girly charm with a touch of whimsy. I really do wonder where you can get an umbrella like that? It must have been hard to carry. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

don't forget to e.mail me your outfit*