A New Year

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year. On New Years eve eve we stayed in Atlanta. Out of all the activities the hotel was the biggest hit for the kiddos. We intentionally stayed high, but we seemed to have misjudged Ellie's fear of heights. She prayed hard that the building would not fall down, ha!  KJ on the other hand would have hung out the window if we let him.

One of my favorite New Year beginnings is starting the year out with a new budget book. Sounds ridiculous, but something about jotting down the numbers and expenses gets me giddy and keeps us debt free. Every year I get my books from bubbo's etsy shop. Love her penmanship.

The fabric in the background I got from Shannon of the Designers Attic. I could not be anymore giddy about it and can't wait to have it made into a pretty pillow for the master. Yes! I am branching out and adding a dose of color to my neutral haven. It's a new year so new things can happen, right?

Getting Organized

Our "office" is also part of our keeping room right off the kitchen. I love the location, but with all our photography paperwork, bills, Ellie's new school paperwork, and being the place I blog from it is becoming one huge mess. Well, in order to contain all the necessary clutter I am thinking a bookcase is in order which will replace this side table that will then move into KJ's big boy room. I like the simple lines (and price tag) of this one from Ikea...

I then hope to get organized in a few of these lovely binders from Russell+Hazel...

I already own one of these clear file sorters but another may be in order. I love how simply changing the folders can change the whole look.

Over the desk I want to cover a huge bulletin board in some simple linen to hang photos of clients that we love, calendars, and other inspiration that comes along my way. Think Erika's office board of Urban Grace. A few plants will done the top of the shelf along with the same lamp although it now has a different shade.

I hope a few of these simple changes will get this mess in order. We are making an Atlanta trip to Ikea on Friday so hopefully this task will be done sooner than later.

Office Inspiration

As I mentioned last week I am trying to get our new bigger office area in our keeping room put together. I need it to be functional, organized, and look good since all can see it. These I find quite inspiring. Hope to get it together by the end of the week. I can't do disarray for very long.

{Domino rip}

A Chic Office

I came across Kristen Hutchins Design recently. Erin from Elements of Style always features such fabulous designers and this one really caught my eye. If we had a space for an office then this would be exactly what I would want. Love the gray walls, muted color palette, zebra rug, the ribbon trim on the curtains, really I could go on and on. Heck that is the same computer we have (although hubby is ready for an upgrade, ha) and I have a round mouse pad too, it really must be a sign for something.

Shopping Hiatus: 1 week down

I am highly productive with this shopping hiatus it seems. I have gotten more done around the house in one week than I have in months. It started with my need to organize all the toys scattered around to organizing the whole house. I mean every drawer, cupboard, closet, basket, you name it I did it. I also cleared out tons of toys that they have out grow or never use. I ended up with empty baskets even. I am actually feeling quite good about the whole thing. Maybe it is the new simpler person emerging, at least that's what I like to think.

The run down:

1. My daughters closet. It seems when her closet is devoid of all the clutter her new stroller and shopping cart fit nicely.

2. & 3. My son's walk in closet. Taking out the wedding dress made plenty of room for his tool bench and the old changing table makes great shelves for diapers and his many, many new trucks. I did the letters and wall stickers almost a year ago now to make the closet feel more like a play area.

4. Remember my dilemma on finding new storage solutions. Well, I put my creative juices to work and crafted that lovely box. It's a Whole Foods box that I mindlessly purchased forever ago covered with some left over fabric from Purl Soho. In the end, after all my purging, I no longer needed the extra storage so the box sits empty. (It only has a couple toys in it because my little girl thought it looked better with something in it. I future stylist maybe?)

5. I had this brilliant idea once upon a time that I would scrapbook my little one's first years of life and then every birthday after that. Well, my boys about to turn two and I still hadn't done his first year so I had a dear friend come over to scrapbook with me. I finished it all in one sitting and feel much better about it all. I soon realized though that scrap booking is not the hobby for me though.

6. The laundry room. This is where all my sewing gear ended up. Not the best location, but it will have to do.

I did so, so much more, but this post is long enough already. I tremble at the idea of how much more will be done at the end of my 3 month hiatus. Oh, by the way, I am starting my room re.do this week! I can't wait to share.


I do not believe my children have too many toys. I really do keep it to a minimum, but what has happened is that they are now in chaos since Christmas. The baskets we currently have are overflowing and the rest of the toys are awkward to store. It is time for me to devise a strategy to control the clutter or I may just go mad. First of all I am sure there are things that could go and would not be missed. I did come across this photo and fell quite in love with it.

via domino

I love how all the chaos is tucked away uniformly and all in one pretty little space. Unfortunately this particular idea would never work for two little ones. This would either cause a huge accident or I would be the one always doing all the picking up.

I then thought I could add some pretty little baskets under the console table in the play room/sunroom. Currently that is where I sew, but it's not quite as comfortable as I thought it would be. I love these ones by Hable, but they are way out of my price range. Does anyone know where I could find something cheaper with a similar feel?

via Stuck

I then thought of these labels that I love. Currently I store my kiddos next season clothing purchases in simple white Rubbermaid baskets at the top of their closets. These baskets are on the cheap and may look lovely with a pretty little label, but they are still plastic. Oh, what to do?

What I did accomplish yesterday is moving all my fabric and sewing supplies to the shelf in the laundry room to free up space in the buffet to put my little ladies ice cream play.do maker and craft supplies. I absolutely love this idea from shims and sons for creative play. It would definitely take care of the craft chaos too.

my new finds

This lovely chair I found at Home Goods. I have been searching for a new desk chair considering how uncomfortable the first chair was and how long my hubby sits and edits all the photo shoots. I love her lines, the linen fabric, and the comfort factor. The best part of it all is that after I made my grand purchase, I went home and goggled her and found she is only suppose to be to the trade. Yeah for me!

I then ventured off and went to my local flea mall. I found a booth that had reduced all there prices drastically and came across this end table. I have been on the search for a new one in the sunroom which I have rearranged to match the room I found earlier. I love the new layout and it also provided me a new place to sew without having to remove everything after I am done. This soon to be beauty only cost me $8. With a little gray/ beige paint she will be perfect.

This dresser was also found at that same flea mall. Right now I do not love her, my husband especially does not love her, but with a creamy almond paint I think she will become stunning. This will be used a night table in our bedroom that I am slowly trying to redo.

making lists

Yesterday I feel as if my eyes were opened to my home's disarray. I am an organized person, I need things to be just so or I feel overwhelmed. I need order in my life, but something happened over the last month that I can not put into words. Yes, my house is still clean, but it's the hidden that became out of control. Wow, I sound pretty nutty right about now. What can I say, it is a odd part of me. I was completely inspired by a blog I just came across recently, Chez Larsson. She encompasses the idea of a clean and organized living. I am even going to borrow her cleaning list, maybe I will enjoy her flow more. I have devised a plan and made a list of what needs to get done before New Year's. I am also realistic and know it will not happen overnight with two children taking apart what I just completed. So this little blog has somewhat become my accountability. I would really love any ideas you may have too!

My To Do List

1. organize the garage (a project that I started months ago and never finished)

2. organize the pantry

3. organize the laundry room

photo via chez larsson

4. complete the process I started for the master closet

5. organize the kiddos clothes (this I do at the start of every season)

6. finish the garden project that was started for mother's day

7. stain the back patio

8. find something to do with all my sewing supplies and fabrics (the dining room is not going to work for long)

I am sure there will be more to add, but this is my preliminary list.

Number two has been marked off my list! My wonderful husband sent me out to pick up some things at the store and when I returned the house was clean and the pantry organized. I am one lucky lady. I am also the proud owner of 6 boxes of jambalaya, 8 corn bread mixes, and so much pasta I could possibly feed an army. Who knew?