First Day of School

Ellie started preschool today, so I will resume full posting tomorrow while my heart breaks for the rest of the day. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

I Sew

This year I decided to make and design the majority of Ellie's little dresses for summer. My daughter even wears them with jeans on occasion just because that's what she likes to do. I hope to sell the dresses and variations of them sometime soon. So here is a sampling of what I love to do...

I then let the mama guilt set in and felt bad for never making K.J. anything so the lovely Katie from Katie Did helped me create some special shirts for my son. Then, of course, my sweet little lady wanted one too. Although it is a bit time consuming, they make the best gifts and my kids can not get enough of them.

happy thanksgiving!

I hope today you are all having the most wonderful day spent with family or friends. We will be spending the day with my folks and sisters an hour north of here. I hope I do not eat too much, like I seem to do every year. Most importantly though I am simply thankful. I believe we all should be thankful everyday, but today is a great day to express it. I am thankful for my Jesus, my family, my hubby, and my beautiful children. I am thankful that I have been able to be raised in America, the land of opportunity and freedom. I am thankful we always have food to eat and a home to live in. I am thankful for my hubby's photography business to be taking off like it has. I am thankful he has a wonderful and secure first job during this time of unsettled economy. I am thankful that my mother has truly beaten the dreaded cancer for 3 years now, my sister is on her way to recovery, I have the most amazing friends, and did I mention my hubby and children. Also, I am thankful to you for sharing in my love of design and coming to visit my little blog.

What are you most thankful for today?

photo shoot

Last night we went out with very little daylight left to snag the family Christmas card photo. We have been booked solid with shoots, so we wanted to jump at the chance when we finally had a night off. We did end up with a few winners, but it took a few attempts to get there. Here's our first few tries. By the way, no camera tricks here, my hubby is 6'6 and I am 5'3 on a good day.

The hubby is much better holding the camera, see here.

my little one's

My babies make me happy. I love the fact that I get to experience having a boy and a girl. I love how sweet they can be one moment and the next, well, not so sweet. I love seeing their personalities emerge slowly. I love how KJ follows Ellie around constantly and how Ellie tells him when he does a good job. I love how Ellie never stops giving kisses and how KJ gets overly excited when daddy comes home from work. I love how they both love to read. I love hearing Ellie pray and KJ say Amen. I love how Ellie must always carry around elephant and roo and how KJ must always have blankie. I love how excited Ellie gets when I sew her a dress, like the one above. I really do just love them both immensely.

Of course, right now they are sleeping soundly and I am not dwelling on the fighting, the whining, the demanding, or the picking.

Do you have something that your child/husband/significant other/pet does that just makes you so very happy?

my new purse

I made this purse over the weekend. I've seen the jute handles quite a few places and fell in love. My favorites are from drikab. They are just gorgeous. I am hoping to buy the clutch for some Christmas gifts. I wanted something smaller, than the big ole purse I carry now. Not so much an everyday purse, but one to a add some spunk to some of my plain jane outfits. It was easy to make, except to actually sew the handles on. I think a need a heavy duty sewing machine for that, so I stitched them on by hand. The fabric I purchased from purl soho. It came beautifully packaged. I will definitely buy from them again.

a little plaid dress

I thought it would be fun to try to sew a dress from a pattern. I normally do without. It did not go so well. First off, it took me a whole day. It drove my kiddos nuts, but I was not going to let this little dress concur me. Looking back it may have been better just to put the dress down and walk away and come back later. I thought a pattern was suppose to make it easier. Well, I finished just in time to sit down and watch a movie with my husband.

This is the first time I made sleeves. I think they turned out well. The neckline is a bit off, but by that point I just wanted it done. By the way, the etsy shop I mentioned earlier, is handmade little girl clothing. Ha, this definitely would not make the cut.

The back is tied with a ribbon. The pattern did not call for this, but when my daughter first tried on the dress it did not fit over her head. Are you feeling my frustration? Anyway, I am finished! My favorite part is the little pockets, simply because Ellie loves anything with pockets.

such a good yesterday

Yesterday I received my Domino mag! I heard all the raves from fellow bloggers that it was just fabulous, but lately in the magazine department I have been let down. I receive a whole lot of magazines in the mail and, well, lately I just haven't been that inspired by them. There may have been a good article or two, but nothing that sucks me in for days. I don't watch much tv so magazines and books are my outlets. Domino rest assured you did not disappoint. You were everything I hope you would be and more! Thank you.

I was looking at one of my favorite blogs yesterday and came across this collection. The clothes are amazing, way out of my price range, but still amazing. What I loved most was the photography. It lures you in. It made me want to be so stylishly lovely as that girl. Now that's good photography.

Remember this skirt I wanted to try to make? Well, I made it yesterday. I couldn't find any similar fabric locally, but I loved what I choose. It works perfectly with that little sweater. Most importantly my little girl said she loved it. Sorry for the delay on the two following pictures, the hubby just rescued me.

Finally I rounded out the night with our small group, it's basically a dinner group from our church. We talked, we laughed. we recounted old stories and I received a great new recipe. It's for honey butter. I want to try it one morning with warm biscuits, yum. Let me know if you want to try it and I'll post it. You will not be disappointed.

Well, I hope you had a great yesterday and better yet I hope you have a great today!