Making Choices

I have been thinking for quite some time about having a new style sofa in our keeping room. It also acts as our home office when we have potential clients over for a meet and greet. Not that I did not like the light gray one we had, but it was rather large for the space. So I pitched the idea to the husband and he gave me the go as long as I sold the current one. Thankfully it sold quickly to a dear friend who happens to have a larger home than I. At first my heart was set on the english roll arm sofa...

Even though it is the same size as our old one it feels smaller due to the smaller arm proportions. I could also see it as our main sofa in our next home, but that may still be years away. Here is somewhat of an image of my old sofa in the room, just so you all can get an idea of the feel of the space. I then came across this lovely lady...

She is a bit more tailored and comes in a 72" option which would give us tons of extra room and open the room up even more. It also reminds me of this beauty in which I have had my eye on for quite some time. As I said our sofa sold and I still haven't even ordered the next sofa so I moved the chairs that were on the outer edge of the rug back to where the sofa once sat. I could even face this new sofa towards the windows with a console/storage behind it if I didn't move the chairs back. Just a thought.

Then again I rather like how moving the chairs opened up the space. This then got me thinking that maybe I could just add one new chair by the piano. Loved how the other chairs somewhat hid all the toy baskets.  The only downfall is that at times we have a lot of people in this small space and it is my favorite place to lounge with a magazine and I do love to lay out. I think a chair like this would work if I went with this idea though...

Then of course choosing a fabric is the next big decision...

I LOVE all these choices. I know pink would never actually happen for this space, but it would be fun. Maybe one day. You know how I love a pink sofa. I was thinking the natural linen for the english sofa and the more gray tones for the more tailored sofa. As for the chair I have no idea as of yet, I could possibly even do a pattern here.

I would love your thoughts and ideas. It can be kind of like a vote, but in the end I truly decide. Ha. I am the one that has to live with it after all.I do value your opinion greatly though.

*all my choices are by Robin Bruce an extension of Rowe. I like that it is an eco friendly line that also happens to be in my budget.

A Pillow

Last week I gave you a peek of this David Hicks fabric that I got from Shannon. It is going to be used as a pillow for my bedroom. When I came across this image I knew that this is exactly how I want it to come out. Isn't she pretty?

A New Year

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year. On New Years eve eve we stayed in Atlanta. Out of all the activities the hotel was the biggest hit for the kiddos. We intentionally stayed high, but we seemed to have misjudged Ellie's fear of heights. She prayed hard that the building would not fall down, ha!  KJ on the other hand would have hung out the window if we let him.

One of my favorite New Year beginnings is starting the year out with a new budget book. Sounds ridiculous, but something about jotting down the numbers and expenses gets me giddy and keeps us debt free. Every year I get my books from bubbo's etsy shop. Love her penmanship.

The fabric in the background I got from Shannon of the Designers Attic. I could not be anymore giddy about it and can't wait to have it made into a pretty pillow for the master. Yes! I am branching out and adding a dose of color to my neutral haven. It's a new year so new things can happen, right?

Lovely Fabric

In the November issue of House Beautiful they featured Peter Dunham's home and I instantly became smitten. His use of color and layering of patterns is something I only wish I could do ever so boldly. The entry way with its antique weathered rug, boxwood, and gorgeous sofa is a look I would love to recreate one day. West Elm carries a line of fabric that slightly mimics this feel. No its definitely not as wonderful as the Peter Dunham fabric which is handprinted and the spindle legs of what I am sure is an antique sofa, but for the budget conscious this one would work ever so nicely.