Learning to Simplify

Well, I am half way through this and I have been learning a lot. The biggest change I have been feeling is to simplify so that is what I have been trying to do, although it is taking a bit longer than I had hoped. I always keep my home free of clutter, but that does not mean my garage does not store home goods for my one day home. Well, I am getting rid of all the "things" I have stored up. If I have no use for it right now then its out. I also cleared out about half of my closet. If I have not worn it in the last 6 months then it is gone, even if I still loved it. I did the same with my kiddos clothes. I still have to go through the toys and the laundry room. All in all I am feeling if the Lord is telling me it is okay to have a nice home that looks good and its okay to dress nicely, but I don't need the excess in order to do so.

All this leads me to this great book that was recommended to me by a friend. I have not been able to put it down. Leah Richardson not only has a beautiful eye for design, but really focuses on making it God centered. It is definitely speaking to me right now.

A big thank you from Donna of Livi & B for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Her blog is fabulous, be sure to check it out.

Downtown Chic

I was so very excited to receive a copy of Downtown Chic in the mail. The book is a sort of memoir of the decorating and renovation process from Sixx Design, a New York based design and development firm. I took the weekend and scoured this book from cover to cover. Robert and Courtney Novogratz are the masterminds behind Sixx Design. A company named after their then six children now seven, impressed? I know I am. To be able to see the before...

and after...

of so many of their projects was quite impressive. What I found most appealing is their design although very beautifully put together is made to live in. Even with finds from all around the world it seems they always had their many children in mind. These are just a few that I find to be utterly engaging for me and my kiddos.

Can't you image the fun to be had in these rooms? To see more of their projects you can go here or buy the book here. Also if you happen to be on the Jersey shore and need a hotel then Bungalow 24 looks fabulous and yes it was designed by Sixx Design. Oh, and did I happen to mention they have a reality show coming soon to Bravo called Nine by Design and slated to begin in April I believe, although their site does say January so you will just have to keep a look out.