7 Things

I have been awarded the Stylish Blogger award, many times over so I thought it was about time that I played along. So sorry that it has taken me this long. I honestly can not remember who all awarded me so please, pretty please, email me and I will be sure to link you. I really do appreciate it. So here are my 7 things. Some fluff and some that have been life changing, if you only have time to read one please skip ahead to #7...

1. I LOVE to cook. If you have been reading for awhile then you will know this is a new thing. I had no idea how to actually cook until last year. I was the one who could mess up mac and cheese out of box, now we don't eat out of boxes. It was a resolution of sorts for me to learn, so I did.

2. My family. Well, what can I say I am passionately in love with them.

3. I was born in Venezuela. My mom was in an exchange program to Colombia in college, loved the country and stayed, met my papa, married, and moved to Venezuela. I was delivered by a man who may have had too many drinks and I was just over 4 pounds. About 3 months later we moved back to the US.

4. Photography was a hobby for the Mr. and I and it has become a full blown business the last couple of years. We are grateful to those who took a chance on us in the beginning. It is most definitely a blessing many times over.

5. I have a cleaning lady that comes every other week. There I said it. I used to be embarrassed by it, but now I embrace it. This past year I had a surgery that kept me from doing much, so the Mr. hired a lady to help around the house. After I got the go ahead to resume my daily routine the Mr. said I could keep her services, so I did graciously. Wow, glad to get that off my chest.

6. Gardening is my form of therapy. Love getting my hands dirty and seeing the miracles that this land can produce. I hope and pray that all my flowers come back this year, it has been quite a rough winter.

7. This one has been a life changer for me lately. My only hope is that I can convey my thoughts properly. Pastor Billy Hornsby, who happens to be our Pastor's wife and Ellie's teachers dad, has fallen ill. He went from sick to critical much too quickly. It is cancer. I have known him for quite sometime since my husband is on staff at this church. He is the President and founder of ARC and has been changing lives for years. He and his family lived over seas sharing the love of Jesus. He is an author. He builds leaders. I can go on and on. The part of his life that I admire most though is that no matter what he has done he has remained humble and that is rare. He truly just loves Jesus, his family, and helping people. He has built his life around it. He is ready to go home if that is what Jesus has for him. We of course are praying for him to stay a bit longer.

{This is Ellie's class and a few middle schooler's praying for Pastor Billy, She is the one holding on tight looking up at him.}

What has changed my life I suppose is just seeing the peace that he has with leaving this earth to go to Heaven. Believers can say they will be ready, but are we ever that ready? He knows he has done good here and will leave this earth without what ifs. A crazy amount of people from all over have flown in to see him. He is leaving a legacy based on loving others. Isn't that what life should be all about? When it is my time I too want to go out knowing that I did my very best for my savior, that I was a great wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, and helped others that I have yet to know. That I loved others with passion, not with how they fit into my life, but how can I fit into theirs.  That my family know at all times that they are number one. Of course, me and the Mr. will fight, but I want him to forever know that I love him, really love him. That my babies never feel that they come second to what I am doing at that moment, aka blogging, cleaning, sewing, etc. That I will drop everything for a friend in need without hesitation. That I will drop everything for a stranger in need without hesitation.  Since coming to know Christ nine years ago I have said that loving people would be my passion, I have had my ups and downs in this category, and now I have gotten too comfortable in my life and need to go back. Need to go back to the place where I feel for people. Happy and sad people. Not pity that's something different, but love. A simple love.

*Pastor Billy spoke this past week during service for a few. If you would like to listen go here and fast forward to 30:38 although the whole message is good too. He also spoke here before he became critical.

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