An Organized Life: Purging

Ever since announcing last week that I was going to simplify my home, well I have been on a mad dash to get it done. I know myself and know that if I don't do it immediately then it won't get done. Hence last years failure. I cleaned out every closet, laundry room, every drawer, and basket, etc. I quickly became thankful that I have a smaller home. Now on to some embarrassing photos...

Okay remember way back when Domino folded? Well, the week before it folded I decided to purge about half of my pile. Regretted it ever since and have been hoarding magazines ever since. I get an obscene amount every month. It's my favorite way to relax. I didn't get rid of all of them but I did whittle it down to a smallish pile of favorites. Now double the pile above and you will get the idea of what made its way to the recycling center. Now I plan to only keep my absolute favorites and with issues that only have a few features I like then I will scan them into the computer.

This X2 is what I cleaned out of my closet and the kiddos. The Mr. still needs to go through his, but he has been extremely busy so it will have to wait. As for toys the kiddos got to keep their top 3 favorites. Not top 3 toys, but top three activities. Ellie choose her doll houses, dress up clothes, and kitchen gear. KJ choose all his cars and trucks, legos, and a marble maze thing. I also let him keep his dress up clothes. Of course I kept the books they read and art supplies.

Now each room had roughly this much trash. So embarrassed, but it's the truth. It wasn't all wrappers and such, but things that were not in good enough condition to give away.

I must say I feel FREE!!! Everything has a spot and nothing extra. I even have empty drawers, cabinets, and such. I still have the garage to do, but that will only happen when it gets warmer and when the Mr. isn't quite so busy. From here on out I will be sharing my newly organized spaces. So excited!