An Organized Life: The Blog

In my attempt for an organized and simple life I decided that it must extend to all parts of my life not just my home. As you have noticed the blog has been going through a bit of a make over. I tried to keep the same basic feel, but just tidy up a bit. I still need to add my must reads, but that is going to take awhile and time is not what I currently have much of. It will get done though. I also added an about page, but am having a hard time writing it so I thought I would open up to you all. If you have any questions about me then I would love to hear them! It will become more of a faq's page of sorts. You can email  me or ask away in the comment section. Of course if this does not work then I will take another route. Ha.

*Yes, I so just snuck/sneaked in another Disney pic. No worries though, next week I will back to my design obsessed self.