Ann Mashburn Obsessed

While in Atlanta we did a bit of exploring and before I knew it I made my way into Ann Mashburn. I posted a couple of pics of her home here and was smitten with her use of pink. Well, her shop did not disappoint and mimicked her home beautifully. My only regret is that I did not have my real camera on me so the blackberry had to do.

I adored the white walls paired with a dark gray and brass knobs. This is going in my inspiration file for our next house.

Of course the clothing was right up my alley too. Rather simplistic with great use of color and pattern.

Another photo for my files. I am thinking recreating this look somewhere is a must. Oh, and the sisal carpeting is stunning must have too.

I even saw Ann Mashburn in her shop and only had the guts to say hello. She was adorable in white jeans, cowboy boots, a simple black top, and a messy up-do. I also saw and actually spoke to her daughter, but happened to leave out how much I love their home, ha! I am sure they would have thought I was crazy.

* Bryn was sweet enough to share a link for knob look a likes. Now I am thinking of where I could put them in our current house!