An Organized Life: Master Closet

My first stride into living a simple life means starting the year with a good purge. I decided to start in the closets. I removed around 50 items from my closet that I have not worn this past year. I also did this last year, yikes. I won't even mention how many pieces I took out of Ellie and KJ's closets. Let's just say they dress well. I plan to do this twice a year. My closet isn't anything special. Long and narrow. I get the bottom and the Mr. gets the top on one side. The other side is just big enough for a few shoe shelves that aren't even full anymore do to the purge, yay!

I hang all my clothes by type then color. It just makes me happy. Oh, and yes we have plastic hangers of all colors. So ugly, I know, but they are cheap. I would love to one day do all wooden hangers, but for now I will just try to make them all cohesive in all white.

This year I am going to try to buy only a few new items. I would love to say none, but that's not really realistic for me. My number one want right now is the perfect white v-neck tee that you can't see through. I think it is a staple that can go with just about anything. Let me know if you have a good source.

{image via House Beautiful}

This closet somewhat reminds me of my own although mine is not quite as pretty, but every post needs a pretty picture right?