Turning 30: An Inspiration Board

This month I turn 30. I am rather quite excited. I always thought 30 sounded so grown up so maybe just maybe this will be the year I finally feel like one. I am not one to have a party for myself although I love to throw one for others, but I thought this year should be different. This year I shall have a birthday party of my very own. I am going to have my close knit friends that I have known since college. Although I am thinking a backyard soiree I am also thinking everyone must dress up. A little glitz and glamor is always fun in my book. I am thinking a pretty dress and a grownup version of a crown. You know I love a pretty heel, but flats may be more practical in my yard. As for decor I am thinking a la sunday suppers, a few balloons, and a yummy cake topped with the most perfect bunting. For my gift my Mr. is painting our kitchen cabinets so to continue on with that theme I would love for every friend to bring their favorite recipe to add to a pretty recipe box that would take center stage in my lovely kitchen. Oh, and not to forget party favors, maybe a lovely linen flower from Emersonmade could be worn during and even after the party. A pretty touch I think it would add.