A Tart

This year has been my year to learn how to cook. For most of my marriage my Mr. has done the majority of the cooking. He is rather a picky eater and it was easier for him to make what he enjoyed and besides I was just plain awful in the kitchen. Well, I can now say I can make quite a few things that the whole family enjoys. This weekend I turn 30 and for some reason I got a wild hair to make something more involved, something that posed a challenge, something that felt very grown up. I choose an heirloom tomato, rice, and almond tart from Cannelle et Vanille. I substituted a few ingredients, but stuck with all the main ones. It took me all Friday morning and by lunch time I enjoyed the most delicious tart I have ever had. My husband can't stand tomatoes and Ellie is going through a I don't like rice faze and KJ is going through a what ever Ellie thinks I think too faze, so I was the only one to enjoy my new creation. In the end I am okay with that. I conquered a goal that makes me think I can now do just about anything in the kitchen. I no longer feel fear of creating a disaster and if I do that's okay too. I will just enjoy the process.