Rikshaw Design

Every once in awhile I go a little crazy and think that I must be pregnant. MUST be. No, we are not trying and yes we have decided that we are done, but still. Anyway while I was lying awake for much too long I started to think of what bedding I would use and of course I picked Rikshaw Design. Oh, and did I mention in my little crazy world I was having twins and then got a little panicky because there is no way we could afford two sets so then I came to the conclusion that surely she would have a sample sale before I gave birth. Anyway, today I am back to reality and decided that it would be quite a miracle if I were pregnant and that I will instead start saving for a cute little tunic that will be coming out this spring. I am so excited!

Today me and this fabulous lady are starting my kitchen back splash! Share the outcome soon.