Around the House

I feel like I am continually tweaking our home. I have some new additions and changes that I thought I would share. Nothing big, but I enjoy them just the same.

In the dining room I added a mirror that we had and a few plates. The mirror I painted mega griege by Sherwin Williams. This room gets lots of light so I added a natural touch with plants. The candle sticks were all thrift store finds.

This is the main living room. The wall behind the chair is huge and I could never find the "perfect" addition to fill it up a bit. Three years later we came up with a solution. The picture was taken by my husband at our favorite beach spot. We had it blown up and my husband cut it to fit six Ikea ribba frames.

In my entry I simply added a couple of reader's digests and a Penguin Classic, but after seeing this from A Little Sussy I am thinking I want to add more. A lot more.

Our master has the addition of the two front pillows. A friend bought them at market for her home, but they did not work. I traded two lamps for them. And yes, I should have made my bed better for the picture, but I was just grateful the kiddos did not jump on it while I was taking it.

The bath I painted Benjamin Moore stratton blue when we moved in. It's the main bath and sits between the kiddos rooms. I wanted to tone it down a bit, but was not willing to paint. I am somewhat over painting for awhile, so I took out all the red accents and added black and white. The towels are from Ikea, the antlers were an ebay score, and the shower curtain which set the whole tone is from Target.

Finally here is the new gallery wall. We had all black frames prior to this and we wanted to mix it up a bit. Of course you can tell it's not completed, but its on its way. I was going to slipcover the bench in a fabulous pink, but I think it's too much for my neutral love so the fabric will become a couple of pillows for Ellie's room and I will do something neutral. The garden stool I found at T.J Maxx for $30.

Currently I have my dining chairs and a bench that goes at the end of my bed at the reupholsters. I will share those as soon as they come back. Again, nothing too jazzy, but more practical for the kiddos. It's how I roll these days.