My husband is one sneaky man. Friday morning he handed me an envelope with a sweet note telling me to pack a bag for the night. At the same moment my sister showed up to watch the kiddos. While riding in the car he handed me another envelope with a print out of the hotel we were staying, the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta. He say's he choose this hotel because he thought I would love the design which I did. As we neared the hotel he handed me another envelope with a good amount of money to spend on whatever I fancied. Needless to say we had a blast and I felt beyond special. I am quite smitten with my man I must say.

Oh, and what did I buy? I fabulous dress from Club Monaco and an insane amount Ribba frames for a new gallery wall we are working on. I will share both soon. I even have money left over for future desires, so fun.