Caroline Joy

I won this fabulous Caroline Joy cardigan from Federica of Sweet as a Candy. I like to think if I ever needed a place to stay in Italy she would welcome me with open arms. I am sure she would not think I was some sort of loon, ha! Anyway, Caroline Joy takes cardigans that have had a "previous life" and then give them a second chance with added detail. I was a little nervous about the quality of cardigan with a previous life, but this one is perfection. It is extremely soft and such a yummy plum color. She has such an eye for detail and I could not be anymore thrilled.

Oh, and this is me and my Ellie. That boo boo on her chin is from leaning on a pan that just came out of the oven, yikes.

Thank you Federica and Caroline Joy for such a precious gift that I am sure will get so much wear.