Every year we have Thanksgiving at my parents home. My kiddos adore them and their house. It has ample amount of running room where they can go wild. Here are a few snippets from my parent's home out in the country and our Thanksgiving dinner...

Of course eating was high on the priority list. Ellie ate so much she got a tummy ache. She is so her mama. By the end of the night I shared in the pain. KJ indulged in rolls and bananas. I think all the choices left him a little overwhelmed.

We also had the pleasure of playing my sister's wii. We had a blast and I couldn't believe how sore I was the next day. The other two days of vacation were pure bliss. Kellen was home and we lazed around and decorated for Christmas. It truly was a time where I felt overwhelmingly blessed. Oh, yes I sat there and cried with pure joy. I am such a nut. How was your Thanksgiving holiday?

*also a huge thank you to Sharon who placed me in the the top 20 of design blogs. Love being placed by all my favorites and many who inspired me to start blogging over 2 years ago.