Painting + Rugs

I have had quite a few requests on giving more details about my kitchen makeover. I personally hate giving advice on this subject, because I am not a painting professional and simply did what I wanted. Case in point I used a latex satin paint without any sort of lacquer after. I did not want any sheen so this is what I chose. So far it has held up well and has taken quite a beating from the kiddos and has cleaned up fine. In reality I know an oil base is best as is a semi or high gloss or a lacquer coating. For those of you who could not care less about the how dos you can just take a glimpse at my new antique rug find from ebay. I adore it. Okay now back to it...

-I used a latex primer after a really good cleaning and sanding. Then between each coat I did a light sanding. It took a total of one full evening and one full day from start to finish. It took one primer coat and two to three paint coats. For the framing of the cabinets my husband painted it all by hand with a regular and foam brush. For the doors and drawers I used a paint sprayer in the garage. It has become my new best friend.

-All paint was Sherwin Williams. The bottom is Warm Stone. The top was a Benjamin Moore color that I had matched by Sherwin William's, unfortunately I cannot remember the name for the life of me. In the image it looks a lot more white next to my wall color than it really is. It's more on the cream side. The formula is...

Bac Colorant 02 32 64 128
B1 Black - 2 - -
N1 Rawumber - 11 1 -
Y3 Deep Gold - 9 1 -

-My knobs are the same ones that came with the house. I really wanted these in antique brass, but were a bit too cost prohibiting for the amount we needed.

-My counter tops are Silestone in Minerva Cream. The benefits are huge and were what we wanted at the time which was something easy. They are truly easy and good looking.

Hope this answered a few of your questions. Let me know if I missed anything and I will answer them in the comment section. Have a great Day!

* This lovely lady from High-Heeled Foot in the Door did a great play by play of painting her mother's cabinets. Now that I look back it seems we went with similar colors, ha! Great minds think alike?