Learning to Simplify

Well, I am half way through this and I have been learning a lot. The biggest change I have been feeling is to simplify so that is what I have been trying to do, although it is taking a bit longer than I had hoped. I always keep my home free of clutter, but that does not mean my garage does not store home goods for my one day home. Well, I am getting rid of all the "things" I have stored up. If I have no use for it right now then its out. I also cleared out about half of my closet. If I have not worn it in the last 6 months then it is gone, even if I still loved it. I did the same with my kiddos clothes. I still have to go through the toys and the laundry room. All in all I am feeling if the Lord is telling me it is okay to have a nice home that looks good and its okay to dress nicely, but I don't need the excess in order to do so.

All this leads me to this great book that was recommended to me by a friend. I have not been able to put it down. Leah Richardson not only has a beautiful eye for design, but really focuses on making it God centered. It is definitely speaking to me right now.

A big thank you from Donna of Livi & B for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Her blog is fabulous, be sure to check it out.