My Weekend

Sorry for the none post yesterday, things have been busy around here. As for the highlights, Saturday was my birthday and I was the recipient of some fabulous gifts...

I recieved this fabulous purse from my love, my kiddos got me a heart rate monitor watch for the gym, my parents gave me a wonderful gift card to my favorite store Home Goods, and my sisters gave me a gift card to Ulta. I racked up nicely I would say.

That evening we shot a wedding that could not have been any more beautiful. I will do a full post later, but here is a shot from her bridal session. More to see on Kellen Jacob.

My dear friend from this baby shower finally had her baby boy on my birthday. He is beautiful, but had a few complications and will be able to come home tomorrow, praise God.

Hubby and I rounded off the weekend with a much needed date night.

How was your weekend?