My Garden

I wanted to paint my door a fun new color, but due to strict HOA's I had to get creative in order to make my home stand out from the crowd. I bought the dragonfly door knocker years ago from Target and painted it white. The two lanterns are from Homegoods and added the simple pop I wanted. I did love my doormat, but with the new set up I am thinking I need something more simple and clean. Now on to the backyard...

We love to grill out, sit around the fire pit and roast marshmallows, and of course simply play. Oh, and there is a big ole playset at the far end of the yard, but I figured I didn't really need to show it. I would just love to paint stripes on the patio, but that will just have to wait till it gets cooler. Also I am planting creeping fig all along the back of the house in hopes of covering all the vinyl. Thinking back we do wish we paid the extra to have our home four sided brick instead of three. Then again we also thought we would have moved by now, but this lovely market is keeping us settled here.

This is where we dine alfresco. The hydrangeas in the back are limelights. They do great in the Alabama clay and full sun. Although the one on the far left is having quite a hard time.

Close up of a piece of my garden. Foxtail fern resides in the foreground, lamb's ears are the big green plants in the middle. I just love the texture and silvery hue they bring to the mix. They too are great for the clay soil and full sun. They start out small, but they have more than doubled in size since planting them last spring.

This area takes up a good portion of the yard. It first began because the sod all died and we thought it would be cheaper and easier to just plant a flower garden. We were wrong on both accounts, but are very happy with the results. Well, except for the butterfly bush that has all of a sudden decided to wither and die. I am hoping after cutting it back it will come back next spring. I can't wait to share new photos next year when everything becomes more established and full.