5 years in Wedded Bliss

Hubby and I dated and were married all within 6 months, five years later I still feel like the most blessed girl in town. We fit perfectly together. Thank you for taking this adventure called life with me dear husband. I am still smitten with you. I can't wait to see you next week!

Here are few snap shots of our day. They are pictures of pictures, maybe a scanner may be a good investment one day. My uncle a fabulous photographer in Boston flew down to capture our day. I did the bouquets myself. The bridesmaids dresses were off the rack (pre J.Crew wedding). I couldn't order from a pretty bridesmaid shoppe and have them in on time, that's what I get for planning a wedding in a couple of months. For the local girls, we were married at the Donnelly House on Highland Ave. The reception was dessert galore. Friends and family really helped put this wedding together on a tightish budget and I could not have been happier.