Shopping Hiatus {2}

Yes, I have been shopping. I had the baby shower this past weekend and wanted to do it up, so I did. Now I will be able to host a party of 30 at any given moment. Not so bad since we enjoy entertaining. I have done very well with not shopping for myself though. I owe that all to you, because these weekly updates sure do make it harder. I will be honest though I am really wanting to shop for clothes, shoes, purses, etc! Woo, now that's off my chest let's focus on some water fun we have been having. Being in the 90's every day definitely limits what fun you can have outdoors. Lucky for me I have a couple of water babies.

Okay so this last image has nothing to do with water, but the kiddos had a friend over and I bought a few animal hats at Micheal's for a few dollars, they had fun for hours. I highly recommend this!