Outfit to Room...

I have two dear friends that's home I have been working on for quite some time. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel finally. She and I thought it would be fun to do an outfit to room from a photo shoot they did with my husband and turn it into the last room that still needs some work. Here are my absolutely stunning friends...

Here's their outfit to office...

Currently there is real wood paneling that they are not a fan of so we are going to paint it out in Sherwin Williams Rare Gray. In the room it reads with a slight green undertone in case you were curious.

This is the desk and storage cabinet that we are going with from Nadu for the local crowd.

{via here}

They have a slipper chair that needs to be recovered. I think this would do nicely.

{via West Elm}

A tree stump side table for next to the chair.

A gallery wall for the large blank wall would be a nice touch. I like the idea of adding in some raw elements.

{via ebay}

A directors chair for the desk. Easy enough to fold away when the room becomes a spot to work out.

{via Simple Song}

Every lovely office needs fabulous stationary. These would make a statement.