Book Club: chapter 5

This past week one of our challenges in the Artist's Way was to name the top 10 items you want. Some of my items may not be items at all, but I still want them. Some of my list is practical although most is not. I shall admire all my lovelies from afar. What would be your top items that you would want when money is no object?

1. A dress
2. A beach house
3. A new rug or two
4. A steam mop
5. A Barcelona Chair
6. A bike with a basket
7. A pretty necklace
8. A mid century modern house
9. A serger
10. A wooden cake stand

I also finally went on an artists date over the weekend. Our town was having a historical home and garden tours. I was the youngest person out there by atleast 30 plus years. I had fun though.

This week we read chapter 6.