My Little Man and the Big 2

Today is my son's 2nd birthday. He delights me daily. He loves trucks, planes and trains. He loves to read. He loves his daddy and plays ever so sweetly with sister (mostly). He loves to cuddle and loves to play outside. He gets hurt daily and always wants mommy to give it kisses. I love my little man and am thankful to God for allowing me to watch him grow. This is my little man...

and here is his party that we had over the weekend...

The idea was to keep it simple, but still ever so special. Blue and red ran throughout and transportation ruled the day. I made the banner and got the idea from here.

Balloons tied with bakers twine floated everywhere. Gift bags were filled with stickers and shirts which were donned with a little airplane that matched the invites. I made the invites from blank wooden cards from here and added a photo of my son done on a moo card. Twine and mini clothes pins hung photos of my son in more places than one.

Gift bags and little tables waiting for special guests. Ellie is wearing the shirt which donned the airplane that I painted for the gift bags.

These are some of the sweet kiddos getting pelted with the balloons on the table, oops. Atleast they thought it was funny.

Cupcakes with little flags stamped with a 2 before they were devoured and as Ellie says, "what's a party without hats?".

This is KJ enjoying that cupcake wearing his birthday shirt.

Yeah for birthdays and yeah for son's turning 2!