Welcome In

I already loved whitebox photography as, well, photographers. There use of color and the crispness of their photos are simply stunning. They do it all weddings and family. I really can not get enough of their blog either. I always assumed they must be some very awesome ladies that are based out of Greensboro North Carolina. Well, Mel (as if we were best friends) posted some snippets of her home and it is amazing! So now they are great at photography and home design, just lovely. Mel was kind enough to allow me to post her home on here. I am so excited to share it with you all...

A 20x30 canvas of a photo she took in New Orleans hangs by her front door.

I am loving that light fixture paired with the letter from Anthropologie and that door color is so fresh.

Magnetic boards from ikea makes for an easy way to change out favorite photos.

This is from one of her bathrooms. Isn't the chandelier divine?

That old fan and letters make me swoon*.

Those lovely pillows are from Anthropologie. They were a gift from her husband. She also has a before pic on her blog if you would like to check it out (scroll down a bit when you are there).

Amazing, right? Again I love her use of color. The greens, blues, with pops of red make me smile. How could it not. Oh, and those hats are right up my alley. To see more and larger photos go here.