Shopping Hiatus: 7 weeks down

Oh, the shopping hiatus. It has been hard this week. Hubby has been working non stop and that makes me want to shop. Silly right? It's not like he's making more money. Well, I have done decent anyhow. I have been sewing up a storm. Came up with a few more designs for Ellie's dress collection. She is very excited and I can't wait to share them with you all. I bought for KJ's birthday and that adds up quickly, but he is so excited so that makes me happy. Also, I can't wait to share his special day next week. I did make two purchases though. I guess they can be counted as birthday presents, but it wasn't really my intent.

My little man has a pair of boots and his sisters old Crocs. The Crocs are a little large and with spring coming the boots just aren't practicle. The second pair are for sister. She loved them and was with me. They are a little big, but for the price she just can grow into them. The price you ask? Only $20 dollars each for a pair of Morgan and Milo's. Downtown there is this shop that was having a tent sale. Fabulous buys. I was tempted to buy for myself, but refrained. Yeah, for me!

How's the hiatus going for you? Better than I, I can only hope.