My Little Lady

As we hurried off to the gym the other day, I stopped for a moment and looked at my daughter, really looked at her. She is 3 and full of personality. She has a friend named tiger. He spills her milk, makes too much noise while she sleeps, and sometimes he must sleep with mommy and daddy because he can be just too much. She say's the funniest things at times. One of my favorites to date is: Daddy- Ellie what is KJ doing?, she stops and stares at brother, Ellie- Daddy, he's just being handsome. Right, that is what I thought too. She is growing up too fast I say, but I am loving it every step of the way. I do not want to miss a minute of it. Anyway, this little ensemble of my lady's reminded me of this little post on Simple Lovely. My little lady sure can
express herself.

*photo via my camera phone