Shopping Hiatus: 5 weeks down

Joslyn is brilliant, really brilliant. I love the way God can use people without them even knowing. If it were not for Joslyn having this some what crazy shopping hiatus resolution then I would not be saving all this money, I would not be using all this creativity and putting things I already own to use, and I wouldn't be set free from having to have to shop. I didn't quite realize how much I shopped just for the sake of shopping. Buying something new just for that weird fix for the moment even if I didn't really want it, ugh. So this all leads me to say "thank you, Joslyn!". I also want to be sure to let all you, the readers of my little blog, that you all have kept me going. Your encouragement takes away my need to buy. Well, the encouragement and I really would hate to fail in front of you especially since this all started with a God induced fast. Now that would be lame.

In case you were not aware, I sew. I hope to start an etsy shop with my little creations one day. Anyway, I decided this year I was going to make my little lady's spring and summer clothes this year. During the summer we only wear dresses and skirts, because of the insane heat. This all leads me to say I will need to purchase fabric soon. It gets hot here too soon for me to wait much longer though. In the end this should save us tons of money as long as I can stay out of Crewcuts. My daughter also gets giddy when I make her something special so that's extra bonus.

Now that I got that out of the way, I want you to know how easy this hiatus has become. I do not want to buy anything. I simply do not want to spend my husband's hard earned money. I also can not believe that came out of my mouth/fingers! Maybe there always was a frugal lady living inside me. This week I am even participating in a huge consignment sale for babies and kids. We are done having children atleast for awhile so it all must go. See, I am even making money. Now I must go and get all that stuff ready. Have a lovely day!