Shopping Hiatus: 1 week down

I am highly productive with this shopping hiatus it seems. I have gotten more done around the house in one week than I have in months. It started with my need to organize all the toys scattered around to organizing the whole house. I mean every drawer, cupboard, closet, basket, you name it I did it. I also cleared out tons of toys that they have out grow or never use. I ended up with empty baskets even. I am actually feeling quite good about the whole thing. Maybe it is the new simpler person emerging, at least that's what I like to think.

The run down:

1. My daughters closet. It seems when her closet is devoid of all the clutter her new stroller and shopping cart fit nicely.

2. & 3. My son's walk in closet. Taking out the wedding dress made plenty of room for his tool bench and the old changing table makes great shelves for diapers and his many, many new trucks. I did the letters and wall stickers almost a year ago now to make the closet feel more like a play area.

4. Remember my dilemma on finding new storage solutions. Well, I put my creative juices to work and crafted that lovely box. It's a Whole Foods box that I mindlessly purchased forever ago covered with some left over fabric from Purl Soho. In the end, after all my purging, I no longer needed the extra storage so the box sits empty. (It only has a couple toys in it because my little girl thought it looked better with something in it. I future stylist maybe?)

5. I had this brilliant idea once upon a time that I would scrapbook my little one's first years of life and then every birthday after that. Well, my boys about to turn two and I still hadn't done his first year so I had a dear friend come over to scrapbook with me. I finished it all in one sitting and feel much better about it all. I soon realized though that scrap booking is not the hobby for me though.

6. The laundry room. This is where all my sewing gear ended up. Not the best location, but it will have to do.

I did so, so much more, but this post is long enough already. I tremble at the idea of how much more will be done at the end of my 3 month hiatus. Oh, by the way, I am starting my room this week! I can't wait to share.