I do not believe my children have too many toys. I really do keep it to a minimum, but what has happened is that they are now in chaos since Christmas. The baskets we currently have are overflowing and the rest of the toys are awkward to store. It is time for me to devise a strategy to control the clutter or I may just go mad. First of all I am sure there are things that could go and would not be missed. I did come across this photo and fell quite in love with it.

via domino

I love how all the chaos is tucked away uniformly and all in one pretty little space. Unfortunately this particular idea would never work for two little ones. This would either cause a huge accident or I would be the one always doing all the picking up.

I then thought I could add some pretty little baskets under the console table in the play room/sunroom. Currently that is where I sew, but it's not quite as comfortable as I thought it would be. I love these ones by Hable, but they are way out of my price range. Does anyone know where I could find something cheaper with a similar feel?

via Stuck

I then thought of these labels that I love. Currently I store my kiddos next season clothing purchases in simple white Rubbermaid baskets at the top of their closets. These baskets are on the cheap and may look lovely with a pretty little label, but they are still plastic. Oh, what to do?

What I did accomplish yesterday is moving all my fabric and sewing supplies to the shelf in the laundry room to free up space in the buffet to put my little ladies ice cream maker and craft supplies. I absolutely love this idea from shims and sons for creative play. It would definitely take care of the craft chaos too.