my shopping hiatus

Every January our church participates in 21 days of fasting and prayer. Some fast food, TV, movies, sweets, etc. I have done these all in the past, but over the years these have not been a big part of my life. This year I struggled to think of something to give of myself to the Lord. I wanted to give a part of me that really said thank you for what He has blessed us with and something that may be not the healthiest part of me. I have a desire to grow closer to Him and be made fresh for the new year. As my wheels were turning I came across Joslyn's Resolutions for the year. It seems she takes a three month spending hiatus. At first I thought this sounded quite crazy to be honest, but the more I pondered it the more I realized this is what I too am suppose to do. I buy many things, many things that I need at the moment, but then in the end ask myself why? There are certain things on my list that I will buy over the next three months though. Things that I have previously saved up for and just need completeing, like my room

make one here.

I would love all the support I can get. I believe this will be a lot harder than it should be for me. I plan on squashing the urge with a lot of prayer, bible reading, and saying hello to you all. I shall be renewed in no time or at least I hope so. I already feel slightly taunted when I find posts like these:

found via simplesong via Decor8

So pretty they are. If you are still spending then you should be sure to visit this lovely shop.

I then came across one of my dream shops, Pieces, over and over again as I visited you all. You may be asking why? Well, I will tell you. The lovely owner Lee Kleinhelter is giving 30% off to blog readers which started yesterday. The actual sale doesn't even start till the 15th! To take advantage of this early bird sale be sure to mention this, this, this, or this.

Oh and I would love to know if anyone else is participating in the 3 month hiatus.